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Metro Vancouver, BC



So the recording's finally done!  Whether it was recorded at home or Abbey Road, get your tracks mixed into a professional, cohesive whole! 


Give your mixes that extra sheen and final polish to make them truly radio ready! Your music will translate across all systems, from an ipod to a boombox to your car!


Want to record your songs on a tight budget? Great quality recordings can be had at Peak Level Audio's boutique personal studio! Have a budget? Let's book time at one of Vancouver's many great recording studios!   


POP PUNK - Mix/Master Engineer




Do you love punk rock?  So do I!  Growing up listening to bands like Green Day, Lifetime, Saves The Day, NOFX, and D.B.S. inspired me to make music.  If you want to make punk music, I want to help you achieve the punk recording of your dreams!  

My experience is well-rounded, having worked with some of the biggest bands in the world including doing sound design and music editing for Iron Maiden on their mobile game Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast!

It all began as a runner at Bryan Adams' Warehouse Studio in Vancouver, BC back in 2006.

While at the Warehouse, I had the opportunity to learn from true industry legends like Alex Kapranos, Bob Rock, Dave "Rave" Ogilvie, Gggarth Richardson, Mike Fraser, and Randy Staub!

Select Major Label Credits:

Hedley - Never Too Late - Vocal Engineer, Editing

Michael Bublé - Special Delivery - Assistant Engineer

Hedley - Famous Last Words - Vocal Engineer, Editing

Michael Bublé - Call Me Irresponible - Assistant

Stars - In Our Bedroom After The War - Assistant Engineer

The Cribs - Men's Needs, Women's Needs... - Assistant Engineer